Machines and Manuscripts. Digital Unravelling of the St. Matthias Manuscripts

The exhibition “Machines and Manuscripts –Digital Unravelling of the St. Matthias Manuscripts” visually depicts the connection between medieval books and modern research. The visitor is introduced to the field of bibliology via the creation process of a medieaval book – but what do these old books actually tell us?
The joint project eCodicology does not focus on the topical interpretation of texts, but has at its core the automated recognition and analysis of characteristics of the object, the manuscript itself. With the help of newly developed tools, not only shall the page size be determined, but the artistry in the production of the page, including among others the layout with both font and graphic elements, columns, and line numbers shall be automatically recognized. The exhibition explains the movement from the production of medieval books to contemporary research and examinations of these historic artefacts in the ‘digital age’.
Taking place from 14 October to 20 November 2015, the exhibition opens it doors with a vernissage on 13 October, 6.15pm, when Prof Dr Claudine Moulin will give an introductory talk in the reading room of the Bischöfliches Priesterseminar Trier.

Free entrance!


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